We are the Manufacturer of Forged Elements
All offered by us forged elements are manufactured in our own machine park in Poland. This allows us to offer our customers very low prices with high quality products at the same time. We sell wholesale and retail.

Product Specifications:

material: high-quality, deep-drawn cold-rolled sheets. We do not use cheap sheets with a high silicon content, thanks to which our products are:
– perfectly weldable.
– suitable for galvanization 
– our products are also adequately plastic, which is important during their final shaping in the structures used.

Way of joining: All elements such as flowers are joined with steel rivets with a diameter of 8 mm under the pressure of several dozen tons. Our flowers have nothing to do with heat sealed flowers that fall apart easily. The riveting process ensures:
– sufficient material for later welding.
– the highest possible durability

Workmanship: Our flowers, leaves and other elements look real, we can send free samples on request.



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