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Works of art made of steel

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MB Nylec – Artistic blacksmithing

Works of art made of metal

   We are a company that transfers to the modern world the artisan traditions of manual processing and forging steel as the old masters did. In our company we do not produce repetitive, serial and typical items. Each of our work is created individually, with passion and commitment. We carry out the most beautiful works in the field of artistic metalwork and metalwork. We employ the most talented blacksmiths. We specialize in difficult works that require manual work. Thanks to the vast experience, all the details that come out of our forges are always perfected. We approach each client individually, we provide professional advice and quick deadlines. We provide transport and assembly of our works throughout Poland, Europe and rest of the word.

There is nothing impossible for us to do

   The main subject of our activity is artistic blacksmithing. The entire team of our company shares a passion for blacksmithing. This passion allowed us to develop a completely new branch of artistic metalwork – unique metal sculptures. In our company, we forge by hand methods among others, life-size steel figures – we are able to create every figure, as well as gates, fences and other products in the form of spatial figures – you will not find such products anywhere else in the world. For the convenience of our clients, we have created the largest exhibition and gallery of artistic metalwork in Poland. By visiting our gallery you can see live what the most beautiful blacksmith works created with passion look like.

Exhibition of artistic metalwork

   In the world of mass production that surrounds us, finding a product with an individual character is not easy. Such products are usually made to order, and this means that we must trust the experience and professionalism of the company that will perform it. Trusting our trust in an unreliable contractor may result in poor product quality and ultimately dissatisfaction with the goods received. That is why in our company before any purchase you can see what our works look like. What’s more, we encourage you to visit both our exhibition and any other plant to compare the quality of products. Customer satisfaction is always a top priority for our company. At the exhibition of our company you can see, among others, beautiful wrought iron gates, wrought iron fences, lamps, lanterns, steel sculptures, garden accessories and many other things that you can’t find anywhere else in Europe.

The highest quality of workmanship

   The quality of our products is very important to us. As one of the few factories in Poland and Europe, all details of our products (such as, for example, blacksmith leaves) are hand-made using the same methods as masters of blacksmith in the olden days. Thanks to this, each such detail is made accurately and has its own individual appearance and character. In contrast to our company’s philosophy, 90% of plants in Europe use low-quality ready-made machine-derived components to manufacture their products. Our quality also results from experience while working with demanding clients. We know exactly how to make, finish and protect against corrosion each of our product so that it becomes a role model.

Our customers 

   The clients of our company are usually people looking for high quality and individuality. Our clients are also often people who have already had contact with other plants and were not satisfied with the services they offer.

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