Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Why us?

Because in what we do we are one of the best companies in Europe. We employ the most talented blacksmiths, and the products we create and their quality are something completely unattainable for most companies.

Because in our showroom you can see some of our products live and compare them with products of other companies.

Because choosing us will avoid problems and complaints.

Because the most important thing for us is customer satisfaction, which is why we always meet deadlines and maintain the highest quality.

Because we try to create even better products with each subsequent order, constantly improving them.

Because you will order individual products from us, not found anywhere else in the world. At the client’s request, we can make every detail by hand with the utmost attention to detail.

By choosing us you can be sure that people with extensive experience and passion work for you. Combining experience with traditional methods and modern equipment, we obtain effects unattainable for others.

To find out about the possibilities of our company, please visit our showroom in Dębica where you can view some of our works

MB Nylec – We work for those who require more.

We invite you to our showroom.