Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Oriental style gates

Forged gates in oriental style are a relatively young offer of our company on the Europe market. This offer was born from the interest of many of our clients in culture, details and accents that can be found in most remote Asian countries. Most of these gates are built in a completely different way from traditional blacksmith gates. We can build such gates in both openwork and full versions. Most often these are gates with a very rich design, they often contain very distinctive large and massive details often built in the shape of coats of arms, crowns and extensions. In addition to traditional traditional techniques of artistic blacksmithing, we also engage our employees with completely different skills in the field of craftsmanship and metalworking in building these types of gates. By using quite different technologies than in the case of typical forged gates, oriental gates have a completely different look and character. These gates also perfectly match oriental gardens, for example Japanese gardens. Many of these gates also harmonize very well with buildings and interiors arranged in the glamor style that is becoming increasingly popular today. These types of gates and fences are also often appreciated by people who like to travel and want to have in their surroundings objects evoking memories of travels made. Oriental gates can be offered to you in many different versions – as double wings or sliding gates. We can also make such a gate with a fixed, unopened crown that will look very attractive when the gate is open. We can also compose this type of gate with our openwork forged columns and create an entire oriental gate set – only your imagination limits us.