Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Interior lamps

In addition to artistic blacksmithing, our company also deals with the processing of other types of materials, often combining them with each other. In this way, the idea was born to make internal lamps that are unique in the world. Our lamps usually take the form of birds placed on decorative bases. The birds themselves are usually composed of hundreds of small glass elements joined together using techniques identical to those used when making traditional stained glass windows. So these are stained glass windows made in the shape of birds. The use of stained glass for their production causes beautiful effects of light in the room in which the lamp is located, there are LEDs inside the birds. The bases on which our stained glass birds are placed are usually made of forged steel. Often additions are stone elements or creepers, leaves, bunches of fruit made of non-ferrous metals or glass. These are exclusive interior lamps that require a lot of manual work. We produce these types of lamps in many sizes, from relatively small parrots to large standing lamps about 2 m high. Additionally, we also produce wrought iron floor lamps with traditional stained glass shades and a forged base. You can watch these types of lamps live in our showroom.