Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Forged massive full gates

Forged full gates – exclusive gates for privacy.

We manufacture most of our full gates in two versions – one-sided (with a pattern on one side), and two-sided in which the same pattern is located on both sides of the gate. Most of our customers decide on double-sided gates, which, although more expensive to make, are much more massive than their one-sided versions and look more impressive. Forged solid gates usually have a complex internal structure and their outer layers are often duplicated on both sides of the gate (in the case of double-sided gates). As a result, they are usually more expensive than traditional gates. Full gates, due to their multi-layer structure, are particularly susceptible to adverse weather conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to subject them to the hot-dip galvanizing process. Unfortunately, due to their large surface and also the stresses that occur in this type of surfaces during the hot galvanizing process, their galvanizing is very difficult. An improperly constructed full gate may be deformed or completely destroyed during the galvanizing process. That is why our company has developed a special method of building gates of this type to enable their safe hot-dip galvanizing. The full gate built by our company guarantees you not only a beautiful appearance and the use of traditional blacksmith techniques for its construction, but also a guarantee of professional internal construction and durability of both the gate itself and the corrosion protection which is hot galvanizing. Our full forged gates are always built of thick materials that make them look great, are very strong and durable.

Patterns of full forged gates

The design of our full gates is very varied. We manufacture both classic gates and, increasingly, gates in which modern shapes are intertwined with traditional blacksmith’s forging. We also offer full palace gates for the most demanding customers. If you do not find a suitable pattern in our catalog, we can modify each of the designs for your needs or draw a completely new design. If, however, you find the right gate for you, and it is an openwork gate – we can modify such a gate in such a way that it becomes a covering gate. We can make any pattern and motive, nothing is impossible for us.