Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Forged metal animals

Steel animals is the oldest category of steel sculptures that our company deals with. We have extensive experience in making this type of animal because over the years we have already made a huge number of various steel animals. We are able to make any steel animal, starting with a mouse or cricket ending with an elephant, mammoth, dragon or even a steel dinosaur. The most common guests of our forge are, however, steel animals that are typical in Poland, because such animals Poles like the most. They are deer, goats, bears, herons, eagles, deer, etc. We make our animals in various positions – depending on which animal will play the role.

The use of steel animals

Our steel animals often perform a decorative function in our clients’ gardens as well as in public squares, parks and even in various types of galleries. These types of sculptures are perfect for this function because they are made of a very precious material – steel. However, the most common use of our steel animals and birds is to place them in various fancy gates, balustrades and fences among the forged plants. These types of products are called forged hunting products. The most common recipients of such products are people who own log houses, highlanders’ houses, thatched houses, people living in forest areas, hunters, or simply people who love nature.

Corrosion protection

It is always agreed with the customer, the most common corrosion protection we use is hot dip galvanizing. However, it happens that you use a different type of security such as blacksmith oxides.

Material made

We make most of our animals from steel. At the customer’s request, however, we can also make these types of animals from bronze or copper.