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Wrought iron gates

We offer you the largest selection of wrought entry gates in the world. Our offer includes hundreds of gate designs, and in addition we offer each of them in many different variants. We can also design completely new gate designs for our clients after having familiarized themselves with the requirements of a particular client. We are able to make any gate as long as its design does not break the laws of physics. We carry out even the most fanciful projects, we employ talented employees in many different fields, thanks to which nothing limits us to make a gate exactly for you. We help in matching the gate and the entire entrance to your building, we have extensive experience in this topic. We make our forged gates primarily using traditional artistic blacksmithing techniques, but we also do not shun away from new technologies that allow us to spread our wings in completely different types of design. An example of gates made using both traditional techniques and modern technology are our full curtain gates.

Of all our forged gates, there are several main subcategories:

Traditional wrought iron gates

Their most important feature is the openwork design and the use of traditional blacksmith techniques. These types of gates have been built by craftsmen for hundreds of years and in our company we continue this tradition. Currently, the renaissance is experiencing gates referring in its design to court buildings – court gates. These gates are not as decorated as typical palace gates, but with their elegance they are gaining more and more followers. Typical palace gates are the richest of all the gates we offer and at the same time the most time-consuming in production and expensive. Most often, palace gates are created in our company in very large sizes, often reaching 6 meters in height. These are gates intended mainly for large buildings. In our offer, however, you can also find gates with decorations as large as typical palace gates, but designed for typical entry sizes – these are baroque type gates. The design of our gates is very wide and it is limited only by our and our clients’ imagination.

Full gates – covering

As the name suggests, the main task of these gates is to provide privacy to their owners. However, privacy is not everything, in our company we try to make such a gate at the same time a work of art decorating and crowning your entire investment. To achieve these two goals, many of our full gates have a very complex internal structure. Unlike most traditional gates, full gates contain many layers of steel overlapping. A large part of these layers is hand-forged by our blacksmiths, some perform a purely covering function. Due to the great ornamentation of these gates and the obscuring elements in them, there is a problem whether such a gate should be built with a pattern on one side or on both sides. A gate with a pattern on one side is cheaper to make, a gate with a double-sided pattern is also effective from the side of our property. We always agree on such issues individually with the client and advise on a better solution. The most difficult thing that a craftsman who builds such a gate faces is its corrosion protection. In order for a door with many layers of steel overlapping to never rust, it must be hot-dip galvanized. Hot-dip galvanizing, however, carries a big risk of steel deformation at high temperatures. Thus, an improperly constructed full gate is impossible to galvanize because it will be destroyed. Only in our company we guarantee you to build such gates in such a way and from such materials that it can be easily hot-dip galvanized.

Oriental style gates

These are the gates that we introduced to the market following the constantly changing requirements of our customers. Modern people travel a lot and often get inspiration about the appearance of various things from distant countries. Many of our company’s customers have asked us a question about gates most often inspired by Asian culture. Our company responding to such demand as the only one in Poland has introduced such gates to the offer. Gates in the Oriental style are very beautiful wrought iron gates with ornamentation equal to or often exceeding even traditional gates. Oriental style gates, however, are built in a completely different way than classic wrought iron gates. which gives them Asian character.