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Designer furniture

We offer you unique wrought iron furniture with a designer character. The vast majority of this is furniture designed for interiors. The offer of our designer furniture is directed primarily at people looking for wrought iron furniture in the loft type and atypical furniture which is hard to find in any other place. We approach our loft furniture very professionally, giving our clients many different variants to choose from. If a given piece of furniture contains wooden elements, we can make them from any type of wood, we can also subject the wood and the whole furniture to the aging process, we can also use very old wood. All such details are agreed individually to adapt to customer needs. If you do not find furniture suitable for you in our catalog, please contact us and we will try to , find or design something especially for you. We undertake any, even the most fancy project, we are able to combine many different styles and materials. Our company employs the most talented blacksmiths and metalworkers in the country, and artistic blacksmithing and all its forms have no secrets for us. We also invite you to our showroom in Debica.