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Massive loft wrought iron Teutonic table

catalog number: mkd26

Unique in the world, weighing 400 kg, forged table inspired by the Middle Ages and the Teutonic Order. The table is made entirely in our company using manual methods from the most noble possible materials, matching the character of the period for which the table is styled. The table top and legs are made of the so-called Polish ebony or black oak. It is partially petrified oak wood that has been submerged in lakes for hundreds or even thousands of years. All ornaments are made only of hand-processed precious metal. All decorations were designed in our company and reflect the most important symbols of the Teutonic Knights. The main purpose of the table are castles, palaces and residences in which our clients want to place loft details or details containing the symbolism of old times. It is probably one of the most massive tables ever made by any company that deals with artistic blacksmithing or metalwork, the mass of this table means that about 10 strong men are needed to move it. On request, we can make any other size, we can also modify the table to meet all your expectations. We invite you to watch this and other unique blacksmith products live in our company gallery.

Massive loft wrought iron Teutonic table
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mighty table to the Teutonic castle
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