Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Traditional wrought iron gates and fences

Forged gates and fences are the most important part of our company. Most often, our gates and fences are made in exclusive and distinctive forms, but orders from our customers for modern, loft or even industrial style are more and more often. Some clients also like combining several styles, then our company always strives to create a design tailored to the needs of the client. Every year, the range of our products in this category is becoming wider, we constantly come up with and implement new projects. Our clients are often the inspiration for creating unusual projects. A perfect example of this are our spacious gate sets, which are the idea of ​​one of our clients bored with the typical form of entering the property. Our gate sets are a complete stepping stone from a typical entrance to the property and make a great impression on everyone who looks at it. You can also see this type of set live at our company’s headquarters.

Our range of gates and fences is very wide, so for your convenience we have divided them into several subcategories:

Forged gates

   Most often very charming and spectacular. These are all types of gates manufactured using traditional blacksmith techniques. In the modern world, this name is very often abused by dishonest sellers and shops offering very poor quality steel gates with nothing to do with blacksmithing. Our forged gates can be divided into several sub-categories:

traditional forged gates
   These are all types of forged gates made using traditional techniques. Most often they are openwork gates that do not obstruct the view inside our property or obstruct it only partially.

full forged gates
   Full gates are gates completely or almost completely obstructing the view into the interior of our property. Often both traditional blacksmith techniques and modern technologies are used for their production. Among the forged solid gates we can additionally distinguish gates with one-sided design and two-sided design.

oriental gates
   These types of gates are new on the europen market, this offer was created primarily for people looking for a stepping stone from traditional shapes and forms found in Europe.

forged wickets
   We also offer forged wickets for all wrought gates.

 Forged fences

   We offer fences in many forms, shapes and dimensions. We manufacture both lightweight fences and heavy massive cover fences. At the request of our clients, we also manufacture fences from full materials and we are able to reconstruct historic fences.

Gate sets

   Gate sets invented by our company are the most spectacular and exclusive form of entry and fencing of the property. Most often they consist of a gate, wickets, huge openwork columns, sometimes also a crown above the gate and spans reducing height to the level of the fence. The average length of our gate sets is about 10 meters, several meters high and several tons of weight. In this type of sets, all details are refined by hand and reflect the quality of artistic blacksmithing in our company.

Openwork forged poles

    They are poles made of steel using the methods and techniques of traditional artistic blacksmithing. We manufacture both small fence posts and powerful and massive posts designed to maintain our powerful gates. A common feature of all our poles is a very attractive appearance that cannot be obtained by using any other types of poles for gates or fences.

Forged door

   In our company, we also manufacture wrought iron doors designed for both indoor and outdoor use. We make doors both in the form of delicate openwork grates, as well as in powerful forms stylized as forged palace gates. We also manufacture doors with sculptures and bas-reliefs made of non-ferrous metals, e.g. bronze or copper, usually intended for chapels and churches.