Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Forged doors

Forged doors manufactured by our company can be divided into two basic types – forged, fully enclosed or glazed gates and openwork door grilles. Built-in doors are most often used at the entrance to buildings, porches, terraces, or churches. These types of forged doors usually have a complicated structure and are often also insulated. The glazing used for their production is also made of warm glazing units. Just like wrought iron gates, we can do wrought iron doors for many different styles, from classical to typical palace doors. We are able to make any project, we also make church doors on which we create hand-made bronze reliefs. The second category is door grates – they perform the function of a partition, have a very light form and at the same time are very decorative. Openwork doors in the form of wrought iron are often also an insurmountable obstacle for pets such as cats or dogs.