Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


forged wickets

For each gate made by our company, we will offer you unique forged wickets. We always design our wickets so that they harmonize perfectly with the gate. We make wickets in many different designs and types – traditional wickets, full wickets, oriental, hunting, design wickets and many more. We also make wickets with a fixed crown or large forged gates opened on both sides. Wickets produced in our company are usually very massive, often with their weight they reach several hundred kilograms. Despite the use of traditional blacksmith techniques for their production, we also do not shy away from equipping them with modern technologies such as fingerprint readers, videophones or wicket cylinders. For customers who value tradition, we offer very representative movable blacksmith door handles with high-quality strong locks. All our wickets are subjected to the hot-dip galvanizing process, which provides them with the best possible corrosion protection