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Forged tables

Exclusive forged tables and benches are one of the types of wrought furniture most often made by our company. The offer of our company tables is very wide, we offer forged tables both for gardens and directly to the kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms of your homes. We make forged tables in many styles, we are also open to new suggestions and unusual orders, we can make any pattern. Our forged tables are usually equipped with stone or glass tops. Table bases are usually made of forged steel, we also use non-ferrous metals for their production. We use only traditional metal forging techniques, all details are made by hand. Manual work combined with traditional workmanship techniques make each table made by us unique. In addition to tables, we also make forged benches and smaller forged coffee tables. Garden versions of our tables can be additionally equipped with fixing elements to the ground. For the production of our forged tables, we use both simple forms – typically blacksmiths, as well as complex baroque forges. We also create lofty and even industrial tables. We employ many talented blacksmiths who feel great when performing any style of blacksmithing. If you are also looking for something completely unusual, we can make for you a table in the form of a forged spatial sculpture with any motif. If we meet your expectations, we will definitely be able to propose, design and make exactly the forged table that you expect.