Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Metal Sculptures

Steel sculptures are such a department of artistic blacksmithing where talent is as important as experience. In our company working the most talented blacksmiths and metaloplastists in Poland. We create unique sculptures and figures that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. We are able to forge any character and object from steel. Along with the development of our company, we began to enter our world of sculptures also in the automotive world by creating the first in the history of our company movable motorcycle sculpture created on the basis of an original motorcycle. We make life-size steel sculptures depicting ancient warriors such as samurai, vikings, knights, etc. We forge all-size life-size animals and objects from steel. We make statues and pedestals for city and commune offices and other public places. We can forge things and every character, we can even copy our client in steel. Each of the things we do in our factory goes far beyond the scope of typical metalwork and artistic blacksmithing – these are works of art that we can also do for you. Our steel warriors decorate many residences and companies throughout Europe. Our sculptures can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor conditions. Some of our sculptures can be viewed live at the headquarters of our company in Dębica.