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Exclusive gate sets

Gate sets offered by our company are the most representative form of entry onto the property. Most often they consist of a gate, wickets and powerful openwork wrought iron columns. In larger sets there is also often a fixed crown above the gate, a larger number of openwork columns and additional spans reducing the height of the set to the height of the fence. The height of large gate sets usually reaches 4 – 6 meters at the highest point, smaller sets are usually lower. Some sets (e.g. bp46 set) have a standard entry height.

What makes our gate sets stand out?

Our company’s gate sets are distinguished primarily by the appearance and the impression they make. Although they are constructed of many different elements, they give the impression of powerful monolithic constructions. To place a gate set on your property, apart from the foundations, you do not need any pole or concrete wall. Our company’s forged gate sets are intended for demanding customers, therefore every detail contained in them is made by hand with the highest precision. All acanthus in our gate sets are also hand-forged in a traditional blacksmith hearth.. After the opinion of all our existing customers, we are able to confidently say that there is no competitive solution on the market for the method of building a fence / entry to the property that could match the appearance of our gate sets.

Which buildings are the gate sets intended for?

We can apply them to any type of construction by adjusting their form and size. We can successfully install such sets for typical single-family buildings, as well as residences, mansions, as well as palaces and castles for larger structures.

If you want to see for yourself what our gate sets look like, please visit our company headquarters in Dębica.