Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Sculptured metal railings – Unique steel sculptures in the form of balustrades

Sculptured forged metal railings are a completely separate type of railing compared to typical classic solutions. These are balustrades invented by our company for people who like nature or have property that is associated with this nature, e.g. a beautiful garden, house under the forest, house from the tub, highlander’s house, thatched house, etc. However, these balustrades look just as good in every type of construction. They are hand-forged balustrades in which every detail is spacious – just like real. Scenes appearing in such balustrades as well as the forms of the balustrades themselves can be very different, virtually unlimited. The only limit is the fantasy of the client, we are able to forge every scene in the balustrade – both the plant and each animal or character. Sculptured railings are always hot-dip galvanized, thanks to which they are completely resistant to weather conditions. The most commonly made wrought iron balustrades in our company are balustrades containing various scenes with birds, mainly herons. We are the only company in the world that will make such or similar balustrades for you. At our company’s headquarters in Dębica, you can also see this type of product live.