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Forged balustrade with herons

catalog number ba83

   A hand-forged steel railing depicting plant scenes with a heron park in the middle. These types of products can be viewed live and ordered only in our company, we are the only company in the world that will do such a balustrade for you. Each railing of this type is made by hand, there are no two identical railings, each is a unique piece of art. The elements contained in the balustrade are spatial – the trees, branches, foliage and herons are life-size, forged herons look alive. Scenes appearing in balustrades are always agreed individually with the client, we can make any scene, any animal or character. We also make this type of railing containing only plant elements, without additional scenes. Hunting railings are always hot-dip galvanized, which makes them completely resistant to all weather conditions. Each element of this type of railing is forged by our blacksmiths, this railing does not have any elements of store origin. Wrought iron railings with herons are the type of hunting railings most often made by us.

Forged balustrade with herons Sculptured metal