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Wrought iron fences

Forged fences are one of the most important branches of our company. We offer you the most beautiful fences in Europe, we have a very large database of designs. Each pattern can be further modified to suit your needs, we can also design a completely new pattern according to the instructions provided. We can also make a fence from any sketch or photo and reconstruct historic fences. We manufacture wrought iron fences in many different styles. The most common fences made by us are fences in the traditional style with decorative blacksmith forges and fences in the court style. In addition, we also make full fences that obstruct the view of the interior of the property, oriental style fences, designer, modern and hunting fences. There is no pattern or idea that we would not be able to handle. The most spectacular of our fences are the so-called span fences which are characterized by the lack of a typical division into spans and masonry posts. This type of continuity effect is obtained by replacing in the fence some or all stone poles with intricately forged openwork posts which in themselves give a beautiful visual effect and at the same time are light in construction and do not overwhelm with their appearance like densely spaced concrete poles. The whole team of our company consists of people with extensive experience, talent and passion. Entrusting us to make your fence you can be sure that it will be made professionally by the best professionals in the country. You won’t find many types of fences that are created in our company anywhere else in the world. To find out about the quality and uniqueness of our products, please visit our company exhibition.