Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing



We invite architects, designers, as well as other institutions and individuals to cooperate with us. We are able to offer very good cooperation conditions. We have our own large exhibition gallery of our products, as well as very high qualifications in the field of artistic metalworking that guarantee the highest quality of our products.

We invite you to cooperate with commune, city and other public institutions for which we can make various statues, fountains, awards and many other products.

Projects implemented by us are always carried out for the time agreed in the contract. All aspects related to designs, workmanship and materials used are always agreed by us with both the architect and the investor. We are a flexible company, we can adapt so that the investor always gets 100% what he expects. We also invite wholesalers who are interested in the distribution of unique forged elements produced by our company. As a production company, we can provide very good prices depending on the demand. We are open to any cooperation offer, we also allow barter exchange of our goods.

We invite you to the showroom.