Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Metal warriors / Steel figures / Large handmade steel sculptures

We produce the most beautiful, very detailed steel figures in the world. Every detail of our figures is made by hand. Most of our forged figures are made entirely of steel, often with decorative elements made of non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze, copper). We are able to reproduce every human, fairy-tale or film character. There are no two identical figures because each of them is made by hand. With each subsequent order, we try to make our figures even better. We make this type of steel sculptures for private individuals as well as companies and institutions. Our steel warriors decorate the salons of many houses in Europe and are also an attraction in the gardens and squares in the companies and homes of our clients. We are also able to make various occasional figures. Most of our steel sculptures are life-size, but we also make figures much larger at the request of our customers. Some of our sculptures can be seen live in our showroom in Dębica. We protect and finish our steel sculptures in many different ways depending on the destination. We always agree on how to finish and protect a given figure individually with the client. We invite you both to visit our company and to view on our website detailed photos of a given sculptures.