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Samurai sculpture – metal figure

catalog number z28

Japanese Samurai Warrior – a large figure made of metal by hand. A very exclusive sculpture composed of hundreds of details, made by our masters of artistic blacksmithing. Samurai are great warriors, our full-size metal samurai will look very impressive and will give a unique Japanese character to any place where it will be placed.

Samurai sculpture - metal figure
サムライ - 鋼の彫刻
samurai sculpture - custom steel lsculptures
wrought iron sculptures - samurai

In our factory, we make the most beautiful steel sculptures in the world. Most sculptures are made to individual order, some sculptures are in our exhibition gallery and can be purchased immediately. All our sculptures are unique and of the highest quality, you will not find such perfectly made and detailed metal figures anywhere in the world.

jap. 日本語 

金属製の武士の彫刻 – 高貴な日本の戦士。 銅のアクセサリーを備えたスチールから完全に手作りされています。 私たちの工場では、世界で最も美しい鉄の彫刻を作り、最も才能のある鍛冶屋と金属細工師を雇用しています。 日本をはじめ、世界中に作品を発信しています。