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Exclusive lighting

We manufacture the most beautiful wrought lamps in the world. In the catalog above, we present you hundreds of designs of our lamps, some of them you can also watch live in our showroom in Dębica. We manufacture all our wrought lamps only by traditional manual methods, thanks to which each of them is unique and unique. We are one of the few companies that nowadays cultivate traditional manual techniques of artistic blacksmithing. Our lamps are often equipped with hand-forged blacksmith acanthus, traditional rivets and blacksmith ornaments. To achieve satisfying effects we combine forged steel with other materials and metals, including glass, bronze, copper, brass and stone. For your convenience, we have divided our wrought lamps into several categories.

Forged  lamps – these are lamps whose height usually does not exceed 150cm.

Heavy wrought lanterns – these are lamps with an average height of about 250cm, but there are lamps much higher, exceeding even 600cm.

Wrought iron sconces and hanging lamps – we manufacture them in many styles and sizes, from relatively small to sconces having over 200 cm of reach.

Forged chandeliers – usually very representative and massive, they can weigh up to several hundred kilograms.

Internal lamps – these are lamps that give beautiful lighting effects, often consist of steel and hundreds of glass elements and other materials.

Designer lamps – these are unusual llamas, often created in the shape of steel sculptures.

Exclusive lighting is one of the most important branches of our company. Our wrought lamps decorate the most beautiful houses, residences, manors and palaces in Poland and Europe. All our products are distinguished primarily by excellent quality and attention to detail.

If you want to see live the most beautiful wrought lamps in Poland, please visit our showroom in Dębica.