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Wrought iron grills

We offer unique forged steel blacksmiths grills. Our company has been building professional grills for many years, which are to fulfill both functional and decorative functions.We delegate our best locksmiths and blacksmiths to their production. We make all details using traditional methods, thanks to which our forged grills gain a lot of charm. Most often, the entire grill, apart from the inner part, is hot-dip galvanized to never rust. The parts of the grill that come into direct contact with heat are not subjected to the galvanizing process for the health of our customers. The whole forged grill, apart from the grate, is painted with special heat-resistant paints, while the grate is usually made of stainless steel (depending on the customer’s request). We can make for you both typical design grills, for example in the shape of a steel car – this type of grill is completely unique, as well as powerful grills that can handle the whole feast. Our forged grills usually have professional equipment. Depending on the model, we equip them with stepless grate height adjustments, ash drawers, air supply regulators for embers, various tilting elements to facilitate the work with the grill or even an additional forged smokehouse. We are able to propose and implement any idea for a forged garden grill. If you want to convince yourself of the quality of our products, please visit our headquarters in Dębica.