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Forged car grill retro Mercedes

catalog number: ag3

A steel sculpture that functions as a garden grill. A sculpture made in the form of a Mercedes car in retro style. The grill grate is located under the hood of the car. At the rear of the car there is a trunk, e.g. for a wood. A car built with great precision and passion – this type of sculptures is the specialty of our company. Each element of the car is made of hand-formed steel in our factory. It is metalwork and artistic bodywork at the highest level. The grill presented above can fulfill both functional and decorative functions. When the hood is closed, the grill looks like a steel car sculpture. The car presented in the photos above is built on a steel base. It is also possible to build such a full-size car with or without a grill function. In our company, we produce steel sculptures of the highest world quality. You can see the quality of our sculptures and other products live at the headquarters of our company.

Forged car grill retro Mercedes