Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Sculptured metal gates and fences – Unique steel sculptures

Sculptured metal gates are powerful spatial gates created by our company containing scenes of plants and animals among the vegetation. We are the only company in the world that manufactures these gates, you can see them live at our company’s headquarters in Debica. All details appearing in our gates, such as trees, birds, animals are made of steel and are completely spatial (3D) – as if they were taken from nature. All elements contained in our hunting gates are made by hand by our best blacksmiths. Gates of this type are an excellent choice for wooden and highlander houses, as well as for residences which add extraordinary charm and character. As all things that occur in nature have their thickness, our hunting gates are also just as thick. The thickness of our hunting gates can reach up to 1 meter in some places. Despite the large massif, large thickness and many scenes with life-size animals and trees inside – these gates do not narrow the entrance light. They are constructed in such a way that the entire thickness of the gate when it opens hides in our garden, allowing you to drive smoothly through the car.

Scenes inside the hunting sculptured  gates

   We can make any scene inside our gates. It can be a scene both purely vegetable and depicting various animals and even fantasy characters, people, warriors and everything else that suggests our client’s imagination. In terms of subject matter, there is practically no barrier for us, we can professionally present every topic and every scene in the gate. All this is made of steel, or on request even of bronze.

Corrosion protection

   The hunting gates we manufacture are always subjected to the hot-dip galvanizing process – this is the most effective method of corrosion protection. Exceptions are gates made of materials other than steel – for example, bronze. The method of securing bronze gates is always agreed individually with the investor.

Hunting fences

  To the set together with the gates we also make hunting fences. Fences of this type consist mainly of plants forged from steel, trees, branches. Inside this type of fence we often install scenes taken from nature – most often they are scenes of animals in specific positions. Scenes of this type are installed in the most exposed parts of the fence. We also make hunting fences in the so-called non-span forms – then the fence is not divided into typical spans but only one continuity. In such a fence, thick concrete poles are replaced with trees carved out of steel, often arranged in fanciful forms. On the other hand, fences divided into spans are a more traditional form of a hunting fence – they are then softer and lower. In addition to gates and fences, we also make wickets, hunting balustrades and garden hunting sculptures.

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