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A very massive hunting style gate

Forged hunting style gate
hand made forged gate
forged wrought iron gate

BM32 Hunting Gate

Hunting style forged openwork gate

A powerful hand-forged hunting gate depicting a scene of a wolf attacking a deer under an old oak and a take-off eagle.

The gate is constructed in such a way that despite its huge thickness (the gate is over a meter thick) it opens completely, without reducing the entry light after opening.

The wolf, deer and eagle are life-size. The gate is double-leaf, made entirely of steel, hot-dip galvanized. The gate is very massive, its weight is well over a ton. We mount full automation to the gate. Each of these gates is also a work of art.

Several parameters:

Gate weight of 1 ton

standard length 5 meters

width over 1 meter

standard height over 3 meters

We can also make this gate in bronze.

Each, even the smallest element of the gate has been designed and made in our company.

On request, we can issue a certificate to the gate confirming its quality and performance by mb-nylec.

We make these gates from the best possible materials. The quality of workmanship is in a class of its own.

The gate shown in the pictures is double-leaf, it is also possible to make a sliding gate.

The gate is made with the highest quality craftsmanship, hot-dip galvanized and patinated with autumn colors or chosen by the customer.