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Forged benches

We produce a very wide range of designs of forged garden benches. In our catalog you will find proposals forged benches with typical traditional shapes as well as completely unusual designer benches. Some of the benches presented above can also be seen live in our gallery of artistic metalwork in Dębica. All of our benches and our other forged products are made entirely by hand using traditional blacksmith techniques. Hand-made production gives our benches a unique charm and makes each of them a unique object. Our forged benches are made for individual clients as well as for companies, hotels, restaurants as well as to public institutions, parks, municipal and city offices. One of the most recognizable forged benches made by our company is the bench made for the commune of Rozprza for the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence. At the request of our clients, we can also completely design the bench according to the client’s instructions and needs, we will make any pattern. All our benches are hot-dip galvanized, thanks to which they are completely resistant to weather conditions. For the most demanding customers, we manufacture forged benches which we decorate with hand-made blacksmith acanthus. Benches built in the typical loft style equipped with blacksmith rivets and studs are also gaining more and more popularity among our clients. We invite you to our company gallery.