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Full wrought iron wicket with stork and letterbox

Wicket BM27
Full wicket, built in a two-sided and completely three-dimensional wicket. The material is 100% hand forged by our master blacksmith. In this wicket, from the outside there is a postman with a bag serving as a mailbox, while from the inside of the property we have built a forged tree next to which there is also a door for taking letters that are thrown by the postman on the outside. The wicket is full, which means that between the stork scene and the tree scene there is a steel sheet, thanks to which the gate protects privacy, it is completely opaque. Wicket made of steel, very thick and massive. Thanks to the use of high-quality adjustable hinges, this wicket also opens very lightly and smoothly. We are the only company in the world where you can order such a wicket. The gate is hot-dip galvanized, which makes it resistant to corrosion and water. We ship our wickets all over the world.

Full wrought iron wicket with stork and letterbox
Handmade wicket with forged stork and letterbox
metal art wicket