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Classic property fence

catalog number bp238

Wrought metal fence. The design of this fence focuses primarily on the classics, which is why it is intended mainly for people who are looking for traditional and classic, but also beautiful solutions. Classic fences are dominated by rich ornamentation – here we tried to make the ornamentation both highly saturated and subdued at the same time to obtain the effect of a beautiful but not overwhelming fence.

Classic property fence

Our company specializes in producing works of art from metals, mainly from steel. Wrought metal fencing is one of the most important branches of our business. When designing and making traditional fences, we focus a lot of our attention on the detail of the fence and the quality of its finish. In our factory, we realize that forged fences have been made for hundreds of years, mainly in various palaces and residences. Very often these fences are made by the greatest masters of artistic blacksmithing, which means that their quality was very high. We as a company, bearing in mind this fact, try to make each of our products so that our products have the same or higher quality as the fences of the former masters of blacksmithing. Our activity has nothing to do with the mass production of low-quality products that surrounds us on all sides.