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Fence in shades of gold

catalof number bp249

The fence finished in shades of gold. Nowadays, architecture is dominated by modern shapes and monochromatic colors. However, a very large group of our clients is looking for something completely different, just in the colors of gold or silver. To meet your expectations, we make various fences in the colors of gold, silver or copper.

Fence in shades of gold

When making our fences, we do not limit ourselves to steel only. We also widely use other non-ferrous metals such as brass, bronze and copper, and on special request, even natural gold or silver. However, among fences made of non-ferrous metals, the most popular are brass fences or fences with brass accessories. In our opinion, however, the most beautiful are fences made of traditional forged steel to which a small amount of non-ferrous metals is added in the form of beautiful decorations.