Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Exclusive modern fence

catalog number bp236

A beautiful metal fence that is a perfect combination of modern design with classic decorative elements. Perfect design intended primarily for houses and mansions built in modern architecture.

Exclusive modern fence

In our artistic blacksmithing studio, we create for our clients the most beautiful designs of modern fences in the world. Most fencing companies create fencing for modern architecture with simple patterns, straight lines and simple finishes. Our company, as one of the few, tries to combine the positive features of modern architecture with the best features of classical architecture in order to create modern and beautiful designs for our clients – modern works of art. It has nothing to do with the approach to creating fences from other manufacturers who are based only on simple and mass solutions. In our company, we create works of art, regardless of whether our client is looking for a fence for a classic house, palace or modern residence.