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Sculptured forged railing with a large forged heron 

Catalog number ba84

Hand-made forged balcony railing made in the hunting style. The balustrade has a hand-forged floral motif with small forged trees, branches and foliage. In the central part of the balustrade a very representative large heron with outstretched wings was placed. The width of the wings is about 2m. The heron was positioned in such a way that it protrudes beyond the contour of the railing and thus does not reduce the amount of space on the balcony. The whole balustrade is hot-dip galvanized, every detail can be modified at the customer’s request. This type of balustrade is suitable for all types of construction, however, it looks best in log houses, wooden and highlander houses as well as in residences with a large garden or located in forest areas. We are the only company in Poland that can make this type of balustrade for you, in our company you can see forged herons and other details appearing in such balustrades.

Railing with a large forged heron
Sculptured metal railing - heron
steel balustrade sculpture