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Capercaillie made of glass and steel – an exclusive lamp

catalog number: ww3

A unique interior lamp made of stained glass – the traditional stained glass method. The lamp consists of hundreds of glass elements with copper and tin admixtures. The tree stump is carved from steel using traditional artistic blacksmithing techniques. It is one of the most unusual and beautiful interior lamps in the world, made of the most precious materials, entirely by hand. The lamp from the inside is illuminated by LEDs.

Capercaillie made of glass and steel - an exclusive lamp
exclusive tiffany lamp

Exclusive glass lamps are a separate branch of our company’s activity. When performing them, we use the vast experience we have gained working with precious materials such as steel, glass, copper, stone on a daily basis. We are a craft enterprise employing the best professionals on the market and making the most beautiful exclusive products and works of art decorating your homes and gardens.