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A huge forged lamp in the shape of a wrought tree

catalog number: ogd27

Made entirely of forged steel, this lamp depicts an old tree on which an eagle sits. At the bottom is a steel fox looking up at a pheasant hidden in the branches. The whole is topped with swamp vegetation and LED diodes located in various places, which give the lamp a beautiful chiaroscuro. We are the only company in the world that is able to professionally manufacture this type or similar lamp. The process of making such a lamp requires from the craftsman the highest level of knowledge and skills in areas such as artistic blacksmithing and metalwork. This lamp is also hot-dip galvanized, which makes it completely resistant to any precipitation. This type of lamp can also be made in other variants, modifying both the animals and the form of the lamp itself. Products similar in form to the lamp presented above can be viewed in our showroom.

A huge forged lamp in the shape of a wrought tree
metal tree lamps