Works of art made of metal

Artistic blacksmithing


Designer wrought iron lamp 5m high

catalog number: ogd38

Design lamp made of steel with baroque elements, height 5 meters. The lamp depicts a scene with a vulture holding the entire structure, at the base a scene depicting a snake hunting parrots. Thanks to the use of a very diverse design, the whole lamp is one huge metal sculpture – utilitarian art, it is a real work of art. The lamp is made with great intricacy and precision, very heavy, requiring pouring the primer. The lamp is available at the company’s headquarters, we can also make a similar lamp on customer’s request.

Designer wrought iron lamp 5m high
Lamp in the form of a metal sculpture

Forged metal lamps in the form of sculptures – works of art. In our factory, we employ the best craftsmen and artists, and the products we manufacture are real works of art. Each of our lamps is unique, there are no two identical lamps because the movements of the human hand are absolutely unique. If you order a lamp from us, you will receive a real work of art made of steel.