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Forged visor with side covers

catalog number: ad1

An exclusive forged garden canopy with side glass anti-wind shields. The top of the canopy is covered with full milk-colored polycarbonate. Visor finished in graphite with bronze additions. All the elements in the roof were hand-made by our blacksmiths. Hand-forged acanthus are placed in the lower and upper part of the canopy. The water is drained by means of invisible gutters and decorative gargoyles with acanthus ends. The roof was designed and made by the employees of our company from the beginning to the end and is a perfect example of the possibilities and precision of work that we offer in the field of artistic blacksmithing and metalwork.

Forged visor with side covers
 forged garden canopy

In our artistic blacksmithing workshop, we specialize in making all kinds of the highest quality forged products for houses and gardens. One of these products are exclusive hand-forged metal garden canopies. Our design and quality of workmanship are second to none in the world, which you can see by visiting our plant. All canopies are made to order, fulfilling your every wish regarding design and dimensions.