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French-style wrought iron canopy

catalog number: ad3

One of the most beautiful and elegant garden canopy designs in the world. This type of architectural solutions is most often made for the French market. This canopy has a reverse inclination compared to standard solutions, the water is directed towards the wall where it is then collected by a gutter and discharged downwards. The gutter can be visible or hidden in the facade of the building. The canopies of this type of the most part are covered with glass. The design is very rich, meticulous, beautifully made, modeled on French palaces.

French-style wrought iron canopy

If you are interested in making a decorative roofing in your own garden, please contact our company. We forge forged garden canopies with the most beautiful design, and for each new implementation we make every effort to make it perfect and present the highest quality. We implement our forged canopies globally, all over the world. The canopy can be installed by us in your garden or delivered by a forwarding company.