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Huge forged dragon – metal fountain

catalog number: z 103

An unusual fountain made of steel with a powerful hand-forged dragon. The base of the fountain is made of hot-dip galvanized steel and copper. The dragon is made entirely of steel, it is huge, its body length after stretching is over 23 ft (7 meters). It is a very carefully made, unique and exclusive product. Such metal fountains are made to order, we can make any modifications in the pattern according to your wishes.

dragon of steel– handmade metal fountain
Huge forged dragon – metal fountain
wrought iron dragon – steel fountain
forged fountain - metal dragon
luxury metal fountain dragon
metal fountain

The fountain visible in the photo was made in our blacksmith workshop. The fountain is equipped with complete water and lighting accessories consisting of several pumps and lights giving unique visual effects. Fountains such as in the picture are made to order, if you are interested, write us a message.