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Large forged metal dragon

catalog number z96

Handmade large steel dragons. Very heavy and beautiful made to order in our blacksmith workshop by the best craftsmen. Each of these dragons can be shaped in exactly the position desired by the customer. Dragons consist of hundreds of elements, making such a dragon is a huge amount of work, but thanks to this, they delight with their appearance. The dragon is a noble fairy-tale creature, so it should be made of the most noble material, which is steel. Our dragons made of steel look extremely majestic, we can make such dragons of any size for you.

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Forged dragons installed in Ontario Canada

The metal dragons visible in the photo were made by our company and installed at the client’s in the vicinity of Ontario, Canada. We can make for you identical or similar dragons of any size, shaped according to the exact position you wish. We make the most beautiful steel dragons in the world, please contact us.