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Palace entrance gate

catalog number bp97

Palace entrance gate
Palace gate

An exceptionally elegant forged gate, ideal as an entrance gate to a manor, palace or residence. The double-leaf gate is made in a double-sided technology, which means that the same pattern is on both sides of the gate and the view refracting elements are inside the gate structure. This gate is designed and made using traditional artistic blacksmithing techniques. It is a forged gate, the crown of which can be a fixed, non-opening element, or, at the request of the clinician, the gate’s crown can also open. The entire gate is hot-dip galvanized, which makes it completely resistant to weather conditions. We can make a visible gate of any size for you and send it to any place in the world.
Forged gates made in our company are characterized by very high quality and attention to every detail, we encourage you to ask questions about this or that gate, we will advise you on the best possible gate for your building.