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Sailing ship – intricate figure made of stainless steel – artistic smithery

catalog number: z inox 13

Sailing ship - intricate figure made of stainless steel forged

The presented ship is a sailing ship made entirely of stainless steel. 100% hand-made, intricately made piece by piece – most elements are created separately and then added to the whole structure, all ropes are braided of stainless wire, the name of the ship translates as a rusty bull. The ship is not painted – all colors are the result of natural discoloration, and natural patina forming on the surface of stainless steel when it is exposed to the right temperature and other factors, the ship has very beautiful yellow-brown colors – it looks very noble. The cargo hold of the ship opens and has a ladder down, the captain’s cabin door is also opened, the rudder rotates, the rack is made in the form of Kraken tentacles, with suction cups. The ship consists of so many elements that it is difficult to mention them in the description – work for real connoisseurs. Ship length 63cm, height 62cm weight 8.5 kg. We can also make for you an identical or other ship of absolutely any dimensions.