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Wall wrought iron lamp with a handmade dragon

catalog number: ogd86

One of the most interesting sconce in our offer. A unique dragon forged of steel holding a lamp in one paw and a weapon in the other. A very dark and very beautiful and exciting lamp. Dragon completely handmade in steel, it is a real work of art. The dragon consists of hundreds of hand-made elements combined into one beautiful whole. Very heavy, it takes several adults to move it. It is a very large wall lamp, completely resistant to any adverse external conditions. This type of wall lamp is one of the most unseen wall lamps in the world.

Wall wrought iron lamp with a handmade dragon

We are one of the few blacksmith companies in the world that make many of their blacksmith products in a unique form of metal sculptures – we create utility sculptures, utility works of art made of steel. We are able to manufacture sconces forged in the shape of dragons made of metal or gates with spatial scenes taken from nature, as well as many other things. In no other company in the world will you find such a wide range of unusual and beautiful products.